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But once it finally worked out, it actually went well and still is. Well yeah, dating is a case by case basis, but there are rules that work as general guidelines that most people should keep in mind. This is the exception more than the rule. Some are focusing on the specifics of what you said rather than the general point.

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Just have a plan of what you want to do when you're asking. Even if it's just that you want to get drinks somewhere, at least say something rather than just let's hang out sometime. Be like "Hey, let's go get drinks at xyz tonight. This has worked a million times for me. It's different than what they're usually asked, plus having fun opens you guys both up more. Then the topic of drinks afterward pretty much always comes up whether I am the one to mention it or not.

What else do they sell?! I kept getting the "I'm busy" shake from this girl I liked in college. I felt like she genuinely was busy as she was in grad school and worked and had lots of extracurricular activities with school. We texted all the time though, and she knew I was interested. Honestly I felt like I was getting mixed signals and I was not going to let this die and wonder "what if. I was absolutely smashed and messaged her and said "I'm drunk and also I like you a lot do you want to go out sometime" and for some reason she said "sure, let's try it out.

I just realized that i hit on a coworker unintentionally. I had nothing to do and asked the girl if she wanted to go to a music venue. I had no interest in dating her and I knew she had a long time boyfriend. It was totally innocent. She immediately blushed and mentioned her boyfriend. Girls don't get a lot of platonic invites from guys, so I can see how she'd misread the situation. If I asked someone out like this I'd be worried if they knew it was a date or not. Wheras asking someone for their number is quite clear. When on the date always be positive about the immediate future, talk about things that you will do - not things you have done.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't have an answer to this and it makes you seem fun and adventurous so long as the conversation doesn't filter into a boring list of countries you've visited in the past. I guess it depends where you live, where i come from if you handshake the girl, the date is not starting well I think it's kinda weird to handshake greet a date in general. I'd say to forego any sort of physical greeting and just say hi or wave the first time you meet. Then end the first date with a hug. If it went well, a hug should be perfectly acceptable at that point.

Yeah, I'd never start with a handshake. Maybe, under certain circumstances, a hug, but if not that then nothing. I don't think I've ever not hugged a girl upon meeting for the first date, a handshake would be such a strange move. So remember, if a thermonuclear warhead has been launched at the city you're having your date in, remember to be positive about the future Or accelerate it to boning. Only a couple of minutes left on earth, may as well get down in that time, plus you'd have spare time after to call loved ones! Your 20s are when you are supposed to be finding yourself, so just have fun!

Know what you want out of life and be willing to openly share your philosophies and passions. Most importantly ask her a lot of questions about herself and make sure to listen well. Ask relevant follow ups and challenge her. And if at all applicable, reference something she said a while later.

Just to prove that you listened and are superior to all the other lads. If there's anyone out there like me who never really knew how to apply the extremely general advice of "be yourself," this is what it means. It took me embarrassingly long to figure this out, like my early-to-mid 20s. But ever since, my dating life has been so easy.

Do not ever try to tell someone what you think they'd like to hear. There are a million reasons why, but the most important one is practical: And eventually it's going to lead to a lot of heartbreak. I like to think of myself as a pretty rational guy, but I simply could not drill this concept into my brain. So you should never hesitate to say what you truly feel or cut off a date or tell someone you don't like something they're into for fear of scaring them away. Because, honestly, you want to scare them away. In certain areas of marketing that can get really expensive—like PPC the text ads at the top of a Google search or direct mail, for example—sometimes it's best to do something counter-intuitive.

For example, say you're trying to sell a personal loan for a bank. So instead, somewhat counterintuitively, it might actually be best to make your offer less attractive so you know that the people who end up coming in the door anyway are more likely to be well qualified. So what does that look like in the dating world?

Say you're on a date with a girl who's a bit of a free spirit, she says she's not looking for something serious, she really can't see herself ever getting married or settling down. If you feel the same way, then awesome, you've found yourself a winner. But if not, you may very well be tempted as I suspect a lot of novice guys are to play it cool and go along with it. I mean, that would be awkward to say that you do want a girlfriend, you do want to settle down a bit, right?

That might scare her off. So you say, "Yeah, me too, pairing off into exclusive couples is so old-fashioned, I look at all my friends from high school who got married and I'm just like, 'What are you doing? Until you're a few weeks in and you realize that, because you were afraid to say what you felt, you now have something you don't want at all, and now you're in for a really bad time. That's kind of an extreme example. But the point is, if you're inexperienced in dating, you may think it's about trying to impress the other person. When in reality it's about hanging out and being yourself, and hopefully after a long period of time someone won't be so repulsed by your opinions and personality that they actually stick around.

I needed you a year ago: Be attractive don't be unattractive it really is fucking astounding how far aesthetics can get you in life given correct networking and first impressions. Take advantage, suit up. I find that when it comes to your late 20s, the intentions of the people you are dating can wildly differ. Some people are dating because they want to settle down quickly get married in a year or less , and others are dating more casually.

It's best to figure out what you want and what the other person wants as well as soon as you can. Don't go overboard on the compliments, especially in regards to her appearance. It comes off really strong and it a big turn off for a lot of women. I think most people men or women would appreciate a simple compliment about appearance on meeting the person at the start of the date if they have dressed up somewhat.

For instance if you go for dinner and you like their outfit, say so! I don't think it's a case of not complimenting the person, but as you said, very specific and persistent observations about their appearance would be overbearing.

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One or two is fine! I've just been on date where Ive gotten too many compliments it made me uncomfortable. Can we focus on something other than my appearance for a few minutes? Even more-so, don't be self-depreciating! I have been on dates where the person is always like "oh I'm such a dumbass" like 10 times. Or always mentions "hehe i'm such a cheap person" or "I can be an asshole sometimes, you'll see" and this is my favorite "I'm very blunt, I say it how it is".

While you're trying to be yourself, you're also trying to present the best image of you to the world. Present yourself well, which means emphasize the good, and downplay the bad to some extent. You don't deserve them, they deserve you. In other words, don't put the other person on a pedestal. Just be yourself, if it doesn't work out then they would have been a bad fit anyway. Worst thing you can do is get yourself in a hopeless relationship because you act like somebody you aren't during a date.

Dating is about working out if you're compatible NOT how can I get this person to date me. It's better to be single than keep dating someone that you have nothing in common with.

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Here's my date playbook, I find success with it and girls I have dated have told me it makes them very comfortable, even if we weren't compatible. General rule - On any date night, have your place clean but leave a dish or two in the sink. If it goes amazing and you end up at your place, you want it clean but not staged.

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First date - Do something with a short time limit on a week day. Drinks after work, dessert on a Tuesday evening. Make it sound natural, "Hey I have pick up paperwork for work in [her town] on Tuesday after work real quick, want to grab a drink when I'm done? No one gets ice-cream, drinks, coffee for 3 hours.

Always pay, even if she offers. Second date - Dinner out. Again puts a time limit but a longer one. Meet her at the restaurant and don't suggest extending the date regardless of how well it went. If they suggest it and you're into the person, of course go get that drink. Do not invite them back to your place. If and only if THEY break the contact barrier during the night touched your arm during the meal, held your hand, stroked your arm it may be time to try a little smooch at the good bye, not making out, just a nice soft kiss on the lips.

Let's them know you are romantically interested. Third date - Drinks again. Sit at the bar so you are hip to hip and talk. Watch for furthering body contact reason you sit at the bar , her leg pushing up against yours, her arms touching your forearm, etc. Let her split the bill or buy a round if she offers. Watch her glass and drink at her pace. You've got a little beer courage, may be time to make out a bit.

Fourth date [Make or break date] - If the kissing went well and she's communicating with you, invite her over for a home cooked meal. If you do not cook on the regular, pick a recipe and practice it at least three times beforehand something everyone likes, ie chicken parm.

Have an unopened bottle of wine on the table, an opener, and two glasses. Let them know that wine is on the table if she'd like a glass, if they are worth your time they'll pour you one too.


If they are not comfortable drinking on a date like this on your home turf , it doesn't force their hand by having a glass already poured. One, this is sexy, two it let's you have something to do to calm your nerves. Once she pours her glass tell her "I'm stuck at this stove, feel free to look around! This will also lead to her asking you all sorts of questions about your place, the stuff in it, and the people in the pictures. Oh, make sure you have pictures of friends and family. If you don't already, you should.

It's a good reminder everyday to yourself that you have people in your life that care for you. Do not suggest activities, just sit with them at the table when dinner is done and chat. Ask them about their hobbies, if you share a common one "Oh we should do X together! This lets her know if she decides to stay the night, you don't plan on the fuck-and-run. Fifth date - You know know activities she likes, go do one! Make sure it's something where you can talk, do not go to the movies. Have an afternoon activity ready to go and find a quick dinner option right near the place. There is a great taco joint around the corner too, we've got to try it.

Make sure the activity is about mins away for time to talk and tell her she has one responsibility for the drive, she has to DJ this will make her a little nervous that she has to try and impress you, a good very thing. Time the activity so you're done with dinner around maybe , early enough to give her a reason to invite you to head out for a drink or maybe back to her place BOOP. Now you're on her turf, if you haven't gotten physical yet, you will now. Do not make her ask you to put on a condom, stop the physical stuff at an appropriate point and say you need to get a condom.

This is huge, let's her know that you're wearing a condom because you want to, which means you've worn them in the past at your own insistence. If she says not to, RUN. Now repeat the process from date one. Don't just keep repeating Date 4 and 5, she'll think you're only in it for sex or worse, you've got nothing else going on.

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After you've slept together be sure to always hold her hand, let's her know you want a personal relationship, not just a physical one. Once you're through the cycle twice, invite her out with your friends. Time to meet your worse halves! How many dates should you wait before sex?

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