Can you hook up a hose to a water heater

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  • Can you connect a hose to a hot water heater |
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Related Questions Can you hook the hot water hose from washing machine directly to hot water heater? Can i hook the garden hose onto the water heater drain valve to supply water to my house? How to hook a garden hose to the water heater? I am trying to drain my hot water heater. Its in a manufactured home.

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Now the place to hook up the hose is a? How to hook up the water line to my hot water heater? Answer Questions Why did my toilet empty itself? I'm scared of my house?

How do you hook up the water hose to a water heater?

Home Heating Cost per month using Oil. I think I was conned by a homeowner: When filling with heated water the water can create a high level of absorbed bubbles which will attach to your fish's gills and suffocate them. The way to get around this is to fill slowly, and watch the outlet of the hose. Aug 20, Messages: My sink faucets are smooth, is there an adapter for that type?

Your faucet should have a piece that unscrews from the end. It holds the aerator, think I spelled that right, It is a small screen that lets your water flow from the faucet smoothly.

You unscrew that and get an adaptor to screw a hose on. Also, I looked into setting up a water heater for just filling aquariums.

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  • Options for running hot water to garden hose area? - Home Improvement | DSLReports Forums!
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You could set it for 78 degrees, and just run it right to the tank. The problem with this is you will have a bacteria build up if you keep the heat that low.

Just throwing that out there in case anybody reading this has that thought. You must log in or sign up to post here.

Share This Page Tweet. Also does anyone know what this other shutoff valve nearby in the wall could be?

Installing a Hot Water and Cold Water OutDoor Hose Faucet

Find all posts by KBeltman. Step back a bit and show the whole top of water heater, Also can't tell if that is the hot or cold side. Valve in wall is most likely the house shut off. Turn it off and see if you get water in house.

Garden hose water heater hook up

Find all posts by pugsl. Here a picture showing more of the top of the water heater. Is that pipe cold or hot to the touch? If cold you can use that, Even if hot you could use that but electric bill would go up.

Can you connect a hose to a hot water heater

I can't see bib good enough to tell if that is a hose bib. Looks like a standard hose bib. You'd need to lift up the foam a little bit and peek under it. There will be a red plastic ring and a blue one. You'd want the bib to be on the line connecting to the blue one.