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I am an ethical vegan since 1 year but started as a vegetarian at age Took me way too long to understand the cruelty of the dairy industry. I am a music manager to young artists in Jamaica, and am currently fiinishing a profesional license in Music Management. I am also an animal rights activist and am setting up a DxE chapter for Panama. I am originally from Amsterdam, but have been living and working in the tropics for over 20 years.

I do several other things such as TNR programs and Neutering and spaying clinic. I have the privilige to live in a very beautiful and warm country, and I would like to stay here if possible with a vegan man by my side. I dont know if I will ever get lucky enough to find that special guy.

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I have been trying but its hard to find a vegan man, and especially one that can and will retire to the tropics. Next year I hope to invest and build a small Rasta style hotel combined with a santuary for rescued animals. I have a lot more to tell you but I would like to do that in person. Please note i cannot answer you if you send me a wink.

PLease send me an email instead. At a point in life where being compatible is desired over just natural attraction.. I live a very awaken spiritual life.. I hope this paints a good picture just looking to get in where I fit in Currently studying the art of vegan cooking. I don't participate often with the system of dominant culture, I prefer to live in harmony with nature, activated Humanes and share magic and bliss in the process. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle, People are my hobby. I enjoy world culture: Music, Drama and books. I am kind, straight forward. I do know how to make a good conversation and am definitely a good bedroom buddy.

Mixed Asian male, mostly Caucasian and English speaker only. The title was totally his idea; I just happened to have had perhaps a bit too much personal experience on the negative side of this type of relationship. Do you think the volunteers think they are unique? And when you look at it from a western point of view, being a volunteer in Africa is a fairly unusual thing to do.

I think you have hit the nail on the head. Riding a boda boda is a case in point: I would never get on a motorbike without a helmet in the UK. And I would certainly NEVER get on the back of a motorbike of some random guy who appears out of nowhere, like everyone does in Kampala. Can I share your Why do Muzungu women like dating Rastas? Article on my blog.

I had been asking my self the same question for a long time. Do bear in mind these are just opinions, not scientific facts! Rastas are generally very cool, tolerant and warm people. Well I believe the point is somewhere that rasta understand a muzungu culture than average Ugandans which makes it easy for him to hook a muzungu girl.

Partying and smoking are additions that make a rasta score points given the fact average Ugandans do not smoke. There are also other reasons that hold like attractiveness. But personally I think its exposure that supersedes because there are specific words that a black girl expects that would make her surrender her foni number, accept a date and so on. Its these very words that would turn off a muzungu girl immediately.

So non exposed rasta would still find himself on a losing side as he will get trapped in the cultural difference s. What is your take???????? I have a lot of respect for Rastafarianism. The more you date outside your culture, the more you will learn thus the more success you should have over time, dating outside your culture … assuming you actually learn; tho not everyone does, some just repeat the same cultural blunders! As a Real Rasta, I can only roll my eyes and sigh at most of the above. However, I strongly feel that you need to be accurate with your pictures.

Dear Masimba, am delighted to have a real comment from a real Rasta. Thanks even more for correcting my photo. Am correcting it now… all the best. Wow, me what I have had from my friends about the Rasta guys, is that they have true love when it comes to love. I my self am not one of them but I give them credit when it comes to love, care, and respect.

This question goes to you Musungu, can really marry a Rasta guy? Or have u ever been in love with any? Can I really marry a Rasta guy? He was a real gentleman. I had an affair with a plastic rasta — not a real one. Which is not the truth about Rastas. I have had from so e of my friends that a true Rasta is that one with true love, care, and respect to others which is true. So you Bazungu you intend to love the Rastas which is not bad but you should be carefully with some who come with other intensions.

This is another question, why is it that you Bazungu will never give birth for those Rastas that u fall in love with? Tell us what are your I tensions too. I like the word you use: Real Rastas are — like you say, people who aim for true love and respect for others, not all that other bad behaviour. I did a tour of Ethiopia couple of years ago and hooked up with some adorable Rasta guys, one from TZ and one from the West Indies. Is it true that Bazungu never give birth to Rasta guys? Hey Chal, I find your diary very interesting. This one in particular is interesting because I have often wondered why Muzungu women always go for the guy with dreadlocks every time I see a couple walk down the streets of Kampala.

Is there any chance that Muzungu men also fancy rasta women more than the usual Ugandan woman?

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But at the end of the day a Ugandan man will always be a Ugandan underneath all those dreads. The Ugandan man without the dreads is one who is refined can be a little of bad boy and at the same treat you right the way you deserve to be treated. What do you think? Hi Bree, thanks for taking the time to comment. I love that you have read so much of my blog! There is a different dynamic at play. I think this is because Ugandan women are more traditional e. White women are generally more emancipated and expect the man to help out with children and household chores; I think that makes us a bit of a challenge, so the Muzungu guy would prefer the traditional Ugandan woman.

I know many, many Muzungu guys with Ugandan girlfriends or wives, but few Muzungu ladies with Ugandan male partners. Hmmm not quite sure what you mean? Rasta or no Rasta, at the end of the day, it all depends what the guy wants and what the muzungu wants. I am personally a reformed serial muzungu hunter who did his thing for 8months and finally quit after i found true love.

I got interested in the whole muzungu dating thing after a couple of heartbreaks by fellow Ugandan gals and decided to turn my attention to a muzungu since majority of them value honesty. However all that changed with my first encounter with a muzungu at the National Theater. I was hopping for a serious relationship but she made i clear all she wanted to have fun for the 12days she in the country. So i changed my mind and danced to her tunes for 12 days and at the end of it all i had more fun and great sex more than i had anticipated. I eventually turned it into a habit and i started getting involved with muzungu after muzungu.

It was all for the fun and the money. I admit i lived a far much better life as a pimp compared to my previous life as a sales person. All this come to an end when i met Penelope at the airport when i was saying goodbye to one of my muzungu girlfriend who was going back to Austria. I still treated her the same way i treated all my catch but i later realized i was getting so attached to her and every single time i spent with her the bond was growing stronger and she felt the same way. I had forgotten why i started muzungu hunting in the first place and Penelope made me realize that.

Two months down the road we were so in love with each other and i decided to say goodbye to my old habits and settle down once and for all. My main point is it all depends on what intentions you both have. If you are both into having fun with other then there is noway you will settle down.

Not every Rasta is in for a fling and for the fun. Yes their are plastic rastas out there and i have met many of them who spot rastas for the sake of catching the eye of a muzungu but deep down in there heart they are not realy a Rasta. Dear Hamdee, Thank you so much for sharing your story! The local guys say goodbye to the girls after their two-week summer holiday, swear undying love and then wait to greet jump on the new arrivals getting off the same aeroplane …! Rastafarianism is not about dreads or black and white, whatever people say or want to call it.

I guess some people just want to have that overwhelming experience as they think with these ras guys they happen to hook up with. The world has changed alot that even white girls can fall for black men, its love,care and maturity if one can make them happy ,why not? I have read some of the comments, and sincerely speaking, i couldnt read all of them because most of them are so disappointing. I dont know if some people really think before posting a comment. I personally cant tell you that Rastas do this or that, the world is moving fast, every society has changed, for instance, Christianity.

I think it is just so easy to judge a certain group of people because they are few,… all those bad things they are using to categorize Rastas are just individual constraints. I wld also disagree with some of your arguments about who is or not a true Rasta! There are two kinds of guys who spot dreads in Uganda: Then there are reason men date white girls. Some date them because it allows them to have as many girls as is possible, since the white girls shall in many cases have to go back home, leaving space for another girl; then there are those that have that stereotype that almost all of us black people have been taught about white girls never having qualms about doing anything and everything in bed; then, there is the misconception that white girls are loaded.

This is common amongst children who come from families with mixed tribal marriages and are not sure where to pledge their allegiances; there is then the man that just wants something different and white is as different as they can come. How is it that several white women end up with these dreadlocked chaps? It comes down to those white ladies desiring men who are different from the rest of the flock, non-conformists; them desiring a bad boy, and what easier way to tell a bad boy than by seeing one who is different?

It also comes down to where those white women go and with whom they interact. If they go to places most frequented by men with dreadlocks, they shall end up with a dreadlocked fellow. Thanks for your input Bida. Your comments about a Ugandan man opting for a white woman to avoid questions about his tribe are very interesting. Although I have dated Ugandans and been aware of which tribe they are from, I admit I have hardly appreciated what it all means.

It certainly would not have mattered to me which tribe a boyfriend came from. Rightly or wrongly, Ugandans rarely talk about issues of tribe with bazungu. Well… This was certainly an interesting read. It seems to be particularly prevalent with the tourist and volunteer crowd rather than the expat crowd. That said, I haven't experienced it myself. From observation I want to agree with you on all points, but from personal experience, I can not. Hey GK thanks for commenting. Gosh JRR Tolkien at 7 years old, high brow indeed!

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I was a volunteer when I feel into that particular plastic rasta trap myself! Thanks Wambwa — these dating stories could run and run! For a different take on dating in Uganda, you might enjoy The drama of dating in Uganda — seen through the lives of an Expatriate http: I love white gals but I dnt have dreads and am not ugandan but fully in uganda and have a question does this mean I cnt date a white gal!

By the way lovely blog! Big ups Another question? How does one become a part of VSO. Of course you can date a white girl — if she likes the look of you! Their Uganda office is in Tank Hill, Muyenga. VSO have volunteers from all over the world, working in all other parts of the world! Historically, Voluntary Service Overseas placements were for two years but nowadays many are for one year, six months, even three months. There was a time when instead of this kind of useless discussion, it was about how so many African men like light skinned women or full bodied women and how many African women lightened their skin and or became full bodied.

There were many Ugandans with dreadlocks who were not Rastafarians or fake rastas including Nyabingi — google her and learn long before bazungu came to this part of Africa and began labelling and classifying people with foreign labels and classifications. As I think I stated in my article already, a hairstyle e. No-one likes to be objectified. I get it all the time. In fact, my second most popular article is this one: Are all muzungus rich?

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Now who is objectifying who? It puts a lot of stuff into perspective, and has helped me understand certain things a bit better… including a recent interaction I had, which initially left me scratching my head. I was out having drinks when a young lady approached me and initiated a conversation with me. So, I continued answering all her questions, until we exchanged names and I thought the conversation was ending.

She linger-lingered around even more. It was getting a little awkward. I wondered why she thought I should take her number I can be a bit slow sometimes lol but thought it would be rude not to take it if she wanted me to have it. I found it all very strange, until reading this.

There are numerous other similarly strange and random incidents to which this article adds perspective.

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So, thanks for the food for thought. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your story is interesting. Have you ever come across the book Men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Not had anyone blow kisses at me across the street in Kampala. Have you read the article I wrote for the Daily Telegraph? Thanks for your response, too. I had a good chuckle reading it. I also, I enjoy your blog a lot! Many times when I google something about Uganda, your blog is on the first page! Thanks for the positive feedback on the blog. Fantastic to hear how often my blog is on first page of Google! Thanks very much for writing this article.

I have dreadlocks because I love my hair. I also want your help in illustrating how I would get one. In totally need your help in getting a white girl friend. Every relationship is different of course, but in my experience, cross-cultural relationships require a lot of work. The image you have is quite romantic, the reality would be harder, I think. Still, if you find a muzungu girlfriend who wants to go hunting with you, I would love to meet her! Hi I am a Muzungu woman who has been targeted by so called HUNTERS for a number of years and unfortunately got screwed over badly i was not living in Uganda but other countries in Africa but some African men do target Muzungu women and visa versa.

Quite frankly i think if some of the musungu girls are looking for some short term fun then why not go with these hunters… but if you are looking for something more serious , stir well clear.

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I am afraid the perception of white women being all rich quite frankly is racist … why are people judging someone and thinking just because of their skin colour they are rich or that someone with dreads of more flamboyant hair is a rasta? Both equally are quite pathetic. The traditional culture in Africa is for the man to be the bread winner so why are they expecting the Musungu woman to pay for everything and support them… avoid such men. I have been treated like a bank in the past but to be honest, only because i let people treat me this way. The best is to suss out these guys real intentions.

This is the modern world and even African is modernising so i believe in sharing whether you are white or black or man or woman. Musungu women looking for real love and respect should give the HUNTERS a wide berth and focus on meetings lovely Uganda men who dont expect you to pay for everything, are respectful, willing to compromise, considerate and loving with or without dreads. You are quite an interesting person and I would love to meet you for a drink and chat.

I hope to be arrive Kigali mid-December from Lagos via Addis Ababa and take that Jaguar Bus ride to Kampala you wrote about in one of your previous posts without your experience on that ride though,lol …. This time I hope to visit Mombasa also by a bus ride from Nairobi. Hope we get to meet. Hi Nelson, thanks for the comments — yes everyone had something to say about this story!

Wow, what an experience we had. The old train service will stop running in and be replaced, so now is last chance to catch it. Neither my choice for him fits in ur picture nor our relationship at all. One day in in a bar in Kampala I sound like a mzee saying that right? I do love a story with a happy ending! Thanks for sharing your story. Wish I had discovered this artifact of a blog earlier.

We are free beings with a love for adventure as much as you guys. From my own perspective, I think this is a wrong inference. Meeeeh, matter of fact it is a typical behaviour of the obsessive Ugandan conformist.