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In your group of friends, how best would you describe yourself? Right now, we're currently in the midst of a huge cinematic superhero boom that shows no chance of slowing up any time soon. It seems that barely a month goes by without some sort of comic book picture landing on the silver screen. Of the four options listed, which of these has been your favourite of recent years?

For so many years, comic books have more often than not been made up of the classic 'good vs. That means that comics have seen a whole array of nefarious villains come and go as the decades have gone. Of the four villains listed here, which is your most detested? Be it in comic book form or in small-screen or big-screen action, even superheroes often have to have day jobs - as highlighted by Superman acting as humble reporter, Clark Kent, in the accompanying image. Of the career options listed here, which one is most appealing to you? While superheroes by their very nature are meant to be the good guys who we all love and cheer on, that's not always the case.

Sometimes, regardless of what a hero does, you just can't ever really fully get behind them. Of the four heroes listed, which one do you dislike the most? Yes, we know - not all sports are listed here. Give us a break, though, for there's only four options listed So, out of the four options listed, which one is most applicable to you when it comes to sports? To some of us, school seems like forever ago. For others, it may well be part of your daily routine.

Either way, we all had or have our favorite and most hated subjects. From the four options listed here, which of these would you say was your favorite during your school years? Sadly, it seems that barely a day goes past these days when the prospect of a third World War doesn't raise its hard - largely down to Donald Trump getting an itchy trigger finger around that big red button.


Still, we're not here to get too political right now. What we want to know here is what are your views on war? Every single one of us need a vacation at times! Whether that's an expensive trip overseas or simply some downtime from your work, school, or local surroundings, we all deserve a well-deserved break now and again. If you were asked where you'd love to go on your next vacation, which of these options is most likely to be your answer?

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Some superheroes, quite frankly, have far, far cooler powers than some of their peers. While others have powers upon powers upon powers, other heroes - and villains for that matter - end up a little short-changed.

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Which of the powers here, though, would you say was the absolute coolest? It's a funny thing, right? Other people live every aspect of their day based around their faith, while others think it's all just a bunch of nonsense based around cash and power. In terms of comic book characters, Daredevil show here is notoriously known as a Catholic often riddled by guilt.

For you, how religious would you say you are? Even if we maybe aren't too keen on admitting them, each and every one of us have our own weaknesses. This guy right here? That's Booster Gold - a cocky prick of the highest order! That's often his downfall, but he's still a hero regardless.

If you were to take a look at yourself, which of these four options is most likely to relate to your personal weakness? Don't get us, some villains are well and truly just bad to the bone; pure bad guys out for nothing more than to complete their own nefarious plans while watching the world burn as a result.

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Then, there are those who are more sympathetic villains; the ones who initially were well-meaning, or the ones who are easily manipulated. Which of these four are you most sympathetic towards? Some of you reading this will see family as being everything to you - and there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

Which Superhero Should You Hook Up With Quiz

For others, you may not have quite such a fondness for family, or you may have a more compact, small family unit. So, how would you best describe your family life? We are one of the greatest online dating sites with more relationships They were baby demonstrating a 24, 5" high said Nottingham Trent University law lecturer Liz Rodgers. Wie es sein kann Earth day: For every 7 day rental, the 7th day is free. And what about how guns work? How much do you know? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks is about more than providing great answers about how the world works.

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